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1. Busting REF myths

We’ve heard many REF myths in our time, and with the publication in July of the draft guidance and criteria, we’ve been keeping our ears to the ground to stay alert for any that are gathering particular momentum.

Tags: Stern review, Excellence, Research Policy, Myths, Research, REF 2021
By Kim Hackett, Catriona Firth
2. Collaborative research efforts can keep the UK at the cutting edge of the rail sector

Siemens’ Head of Innovation, Jo Binstead, looks at how collaboration between industry and academia can help the UK remain a world-leader in rail.

Tags: Universities, Investment, Partnership, UKRPIF, Co-Investment, Research
By Jo Binstead
3. Underpinning research excellence: a case for capital funded projects

Senior Policy Advisor at Research England, Helen Snaith, assesses the impact of the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund over the last six years and looks at how the scheme will continue to have impact.

Tags: Universities, Investment, Partnership, UKRPIF, Co-Investment, Research
By Helen Snaith
4. Nurturing 'islands' of excellence in a developing UK research landscape

We invited Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen and chair of the Expanding Excellence in England (E3) assessment panel, to share his thoughts on developments in the UK’s research landscape and the potential for Research England’s first new funding scheme

Tags: Research, Universities, Higher education, Research funding, Expanding Excellence
By Ian Diamond
5. Research England – shaping university research and knowledge exchange

David Sweeney, Research England's Executive Chair, sets out Research England's role in sustaining the conditions in English universities that will enable the country to remain a world leader in the higher education sector.

Tags: Knowledge exchange, Research, Universities, Higher education, Impact
By David Sweeney

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