Payment information for HEIs

Grant payments from Research England to HEIs are made through UK Shared Business Services (UKSBS). As a transitional arrangement, payments attributable to Research England will pass through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) accounts payable function, and credits to HEI accounts will therefore show as from “EPSRC”.

Remittance advices will be issued with each grant payment. If you have not received a remittance advice for the April grant payment, it could be because we do not have correct contact details for you. Please contact us at if this is the case.

Payment profiles for 2018-2019 are provided at the bottom of this page.

Grant payment amounts in April 2018 are slightly lower than normal, reflecting the slightly higher payments made by HEFCE in its final March 2018 payment run. These variances arise from an adjustment process made by HEFCE at the end of its financial year. The total grant paid to HEIs during the academic year 2017-18 is not affected by this adjustment.

Payment dates 2017-2018

19 April
17 May
14 June
19 July

Payment dates 2018-19

16 August
20 September
18 October
15 November
20 December
17 January
14 February
14 March
18 April
16 May
20 June
18 July

Payment dates 2019-20

15 August
19 September
17 October
14 November
19 December
16 January
20 February
19 march
16 April
14 May
18 June
16 July