The Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF)

We provide funding for knowledge exchange via the £213m Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) to support and develop a broad range of knowledge-based interactions between universities and the wider world, which result in benefits to the economy and society.

HEIF allocations for 2019-2020

HEIF allocations are performance-based and we currently we fund around 80% of eligible institutions in England.

Information about how we calculate the amount each institution receives, including sector wide breakdowns of HEIF allocations and qualifying income data may be found here.

Institutional grant tables detailing annual funding allocations are available here.

HEIF Annual Monitoring

Institutions in receipt of a HEIF allocation are required to provide an annual monitoring statement (AMS) to Research England each winter. The AMS documents relating to the 2018-19 HEIF allocation will be issued to applicable institutions in early December 2019, to be returned by late February 2020.

Future of HEIF

In September 2019, the Universities Minister Chris Skidmore announced a new strategic direction for university knowledge exchange funding to drive the high performance needed to deliver the government’s commitment to raise research and development investment to 2.4% of GDP. This included confirmation that that the total amount of HEIF funding will increase by £25m in 2020-21.

Previous HEIF allocations

Information about our 2018-19 HEIF allocations is available here and documents relating to the previous rounds of HEIF distributed by HEFCE are available through the National Archives.

Institutional plans to support the Industrial Strategy

In 2017-18, HEFCE made available an additional £25m of HEIF to support delivery of the industrial strategy. This was followed by Research England increasing HEIF again for 2018-19.

Because this additional funding was made available specifically for supporting the delivery of the UK’s Industrial Strategy, in the spring of 2018 we called for additional plans to sit alongside the existing institutional strategies.

We have published a report which summarises uses of Industrial Strategy uplift allocations through HEIF and Industrial Strategy related developments in universities, based on evidence from the plans for HEIF submitted to Research England.

HEIF five year Strategies

In August 2016, HEFCE asked institutions eligible for HEIF to complete an institutional five year strategy. These strategies, together with an overview report, may be found here.

Research England expect to call for new five year strategic documents in the summer of 2020, to form the basis for release of HEIF allocations from the next planning period 2020-21 to 2024-25.

Further information

For any queries relating to our knowledge exchange funding, please contact