£29m available for research activity supporting evidence-based policy making

£29m available for research activity supporting evidence-based policy making

Date – 5 November 2019

Research England is making an additional £29.1m of Quality-related Research (QR) funding available to institutions engaged in a range of research activity that supports evidence-based policymaking.

The extra funding, from UK Research and Innovation’s Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) and called Quality-related SPF (QR-SPF), will enable universities to develop research activity supporting local, regional, national and international policymakers. A key objective of SPF is to ensure that UKRI’s investment links up effectively with government research and innovation priorities and opportunities. This funding recognises the role that universities play in addressing the particular economic and social issues facing different local areas. 

Universities are encouraged to use the funding to work with central government and parliament, devolved governments and parliaments, local government, the justice system, health and education bodies, and other regulatory organisations. We recognise that important research work with these organisations is taking place in many institutions, and we wish to encourage and support the scaling up of activity, the pursuit of new directions and particular attention to local challenges.

The £29.1 million will be distributed to institutions eligible to receive funding from Research England in proportion to their research income from UK central government bodies, local authorities and health and hospital authorities.

Institutions eligible for funding will be contacted directly and must either accept or decline the offer by 15 November 2019.


For media enquiries, contact Tamera Jones, 07702 611906, press@ukri.org


  1. A generic version of the letter sent to eligible institutions is available here.
  2. About SPF - https://www.ukri.org/research/themes-and-programmes/strategic-priorities-fund/
  3. About HESA finance data- https://www.hesa.ac.uk/data-and-analysis/finances
  4. Research England shapes healthy, dynamic research and knowledge exchange in English universities. It distributes over £2.2bn to universities in England every year; works to understand their strategies, capabilities and capacity; and supports and challenges universities to create new knowledge, strengthen the economy, and enrich society. Research England is part of UK Research and Innovation alongside the seven Research Councils and Innovate UK. www.ukri.org/re@ResEngland