Research England publishes delivery plan

Research England publishes delivery plan

10 June 2019

Research England has today published a delivery plan outlining how it will fund and support universities to deliver world-leading research and knowledge exchange – unlocking potential, generating impact, and meeting national priorities and global challenges.

It’s one of 10 ambitious delivery plans published today by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), outlining how UKRI will work with its partners to ensure that world-leading research and innovation continues to flourish in the UK.  

The 2019-20 plans highlight the areas of focus and key activities of UKRI’s nine constituent councils and its cross-cutting themes. The plans also detail UKRI’s approach to delivering the government’s target of 2.4 per cent GDP spend on research and innovation by 2027, as part of its modern Industrial Strategy backing businesses to create high-paid, highly-skilled jobs in every part of the UK.

Research England Executive Chair, David Sweeney, said:

“I’m delighted to set out in full, for the first time, the wide range of activity that Research England delivers as part of UK Research & Innovation, and our plans for the near future.

“The partnership between universities and UKRI is at the heart of the UK’s research and innovation success.

“Our Delivery Plan describes how Research England will have a key role, along with the other three devolved administration funding bodies, in supporting and building that partnership.

“We will continue to invest billions each year to underpin and drive forward university research and innovation that expands knowledge, drives economic progress, benefits every person in our society, and contributes to national priorities such as the Industrial Strategy.

“At the same time, we will listen to universities and gather evidence about capacity, sustainability, and the on-the-ground impact of policy and spending decisions. This will be essential evidence to help inform the future shape of research and innovation investment.”  

Science Minister Chris Skidmore said:

“One year ago, we set up UK Research and Innovation, to spearhead our record investment in R&D, with the aim of increasing it to 2.4 per cent of GDP by 2027.

“In its first year, UK Research and Innovation has been a key partner in delivering our modern Industrial Strategy through the Challenge Funds, investing in our skills base through programmes such as Future Leaders Fellowships and new doctoral training in artificial intelligence, and cementing our reputation as a global partner of choice through projects including the Fund for International Collaboration.

“And as part of our modern Industrial Strategy, our ambitious plans for the year ahead will ensure the UK builds on this rich heritage in innovation and research excellence, to create a net zero carbon economy with highly-skilled, well-paid jobs at its core.”

UK Research and Innovation Chief Executive, Professor Sir Mark Walport, said:

“The delivery plans announced today are the blueprints for UKRI’s ambition to deliver the future of research and innovation. They outline how we will address the major global and societal challenges of our time, catalyse collaboration and contribute to meeting the government’s ambitious 2.4 per cent target.

“UKRI has had a strong first year – the Future Leaders Fellowships programme, the Strength in Places Fund and the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund are all examples of the difference we can make working together as one organisation.

“But there is much more to do. Our vision is to benefit everyone by delivering knowledge with impact. Our delivery plans set out how we intend to make that ambition a reality.”

The plans have been developed with input from across UKRI’s research and innovation communities and build upon the Strategic Prospectus, published in May 2018, which outlined UKRI’s vision, mission and values.

Delivery plans for each of UKRI’s nine councils set out ambitious programmes for each council in support of UKRI’s overall approach, detailing their priorities and research and innovation themes.

Each delivery plan contains case studies highlighting councils’ success stories, investments and major initiatives.

There is also a cross-UKRI delivery plan detailing the six themes that guide the organisation’s approach to delivering the 2.4 per cent target:

  • Business environment: we will deliver economic, social and cultural impact
  • Places: we will support growth across the UK
  • Ideas: pushing the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding
  • People: we will build the skills and environment required for research and innovation to thrive
  • Infrastructure: we will enable access to, and invest in, world-leading research and innovation infrastructure
  • International: we will build global partnerships and address global challenges.

The plan also highlights the key initiatives established by UKRI, including the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the Strength in Places Fund, the Strategic Priorities Fund, Future Leaders Fellowships and Fund for International Collaboration.

View the delivery plans.

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