Brunel University

Advanced Metal Processing Centre

The Advanced Metal Processing Centre (AMPC) hosts a suite of facilities to scale-up metal casting and increase the competitiveness of the UK’s metal casting industry.

Project summary

UKRPIF funding will enable the Advanced Metal Casting Centre (AMCC) to expand its operations to include the AMPC, and conduct high-quality research on the way metals change from liquid to solid and the development of advanced materials and resource-efficient casting technologies. 

In particular the UKRPIF support will be used to complete the essential range of large-scale metal casting and processing facilities. It will also be used to set up the critical supporting research facilities for advanced materials characterisation, component performance evaluation and process modelling and simulation.

Our long-term intention is to establish the National Metals Research Park (NMRP) on Brunel’s Uxbridge Campus. The NMRP will enable research across the entire range of technology readiness levels and accelerate the industrial take-up of new technologies. In addition, the NMRP will form an integral part of the UK national infrastructure for revitalising the UK manufacturing sector in support of economic growth.