Swansea University

The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI)

UKRPIF award: £11.65 million
Officially opened: September 2015

The ESRI is a dedicated facility for energy research within Swansea University’s College of Engineering, located at the institute’s Bay Campus.

Research within the 3,800m2 centre includes the conversion of excess and wasted energy; reducing the environmental impact of hydrocarbon energy; Carbon Dioxide; and next generation energy distribution.

In addition to the ESRI’s key partner and co-investor BP, the centre has gained a number of industry partners to further develop energy research, including Malasian utilities company YTL and Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C.

Swansea University is expanding its ESRI facility, with the creation of the ESRI Innovation Hub which, with multiple academic and industry partners, will focus on building high technology readiness level (TRL) demonstrators.

The UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF) award was delivered in partnership with the Higher Education Council for Wales.

ESRI building promo