University of Cambridge

Maxwell Centre

The Maxwell Centre will create a new centre at the University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory. Based on the West Cambridge site, the centre will be dedicated to world-class research in the physical sciences and how it translates to industry.

Project summary

Industry is already heavily involved on this site, but this project will aim to double it. The new building will help to achieve this alongside the collaborating university departments and the site’s existing commercial space.

The project will carry out research in the physical sciences in response to the short- and long-term aims of industry. This will build on the site’s core innovative activity.

A £20 million programme of research into the ‘Physics of Sustainability’ will also support the project. This programme takes an original and innovative approach with a remit to take risks beyond the normal scope of research grants.

The project will create laboratory and desk space for research scientists from industry to work alongside the research groups in the building. It will also make techniques for characterising materials and other facilities available to industry, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The building will house university technology centres and act as a hub for at least two centres for doctoral training.

The new building will provide 4,530 m2 of gross space (3,046 m2 net). With the reconfiguration of adjacent space, it will cost £25.6 million.