University of Glasgow

Clinical research facilities for stratified medicine

The New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus (SGH) at the University of Glasgow provides collaborative medicine tailored to specific groups of patients - or ‘stratified medicine’ - across Scotland, the UK and beyond. 

Project summary

Opening in 2015, the new hospital will be the largest hospital in Western Europe. It will include maternity, paediatric and adult services on a single site and serve 41 per cent of Scotland’s population (2.3 million).

New facilities, developed by the university and NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, will help to address chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, rheumatology, respiratory and infectious chronic diseases. 

These facilities include:

  • a £25 million learning and teaching facility
  • an innovation facility, which will accommodate the new Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre
  • a new Clinical Research Facility for stratified medicine clinical trials in adults, adolescents and children
  • a state-of-the-art research imaging suite, including  the first 7 Tesla MRI scanner in a clinical site in the UK.   

The new hospital will also provide a focus for innovation in a clinical setting. It will include dedicated space for industry to engage with clinical academics and NHS clinicians, and business-incubator space for small companies adjacent to the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre. Specialist postgraduate training will also address the skills requirements of the growing stratified medicine industry base. 

The new South Glasgow Hospitals campus (SGH) invests around £1 billion in Glasgow and Scotland.