University of Manchester

The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC)

UKRPIF award: £15 million
Officially opened: December 2018

The GEIC is a purpose-built facility focused on the pilot production and characterisation of graphene, together with application development in composites, energy, solution formulations and coatings, electronics, and membranes.

The centre is the latest development in the University of Manchester’s facilities supporting research in graphene, a material which was discovered at the university by physicists Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov in 2004, earning the pair the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics.

As well as a £15m UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF), the centre received £30m co-investment from global renewables company Masdar. In addition to this, Innovate UK, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and ERDF all contributed £5m funding to the centre.

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