University of Warwick

National Automotive Innovation Campus

The National Automotive Innovation Campus (NAIC) brings together people, research and world-leading infrastructure to create and develop novel technologies.

Project Summary

Based at the University of Warwick, the campus will serve as an ‘engine’ for economic growth, with wide economic benefit, and sustained growth from the creation of world-leading technologies.

Its initial 15-year programme will exceed £650 million in turnover, and add over £5 billion in gross value. The investment will stimulate employment, deliver high-quality academic outputs, and high-profile public engagement.

The campus will also address a shortage of skilled research and development staff in the automotive supply chain. This will create a pipeline of people into companies nationwide, including the creation of many apprentices in specific areas of vehicle technology.

Other countries have stolen the lead and their major companies have developed very close links with the HEI sector for delivering long and short term innovation to their sectors. This is the future model: a critical mass of research capability at a campus location combining the expertise of that institution with broader expertise nationally and internationally from universities, and supply-chain small and medium-sized enterprises.

By taking this approach, the NAIC will bring together teams in academia and industry in a state-of-the-art building, with tailored equipment and digital solutions. This sort of integration will create breakthrough technologies with a whole-system approach that crosses multiple disciplines.