Policies and standards

Key policy and guidance resources are listed here.

  • Requesting information from us
    We are committed to openness, transparency good record-keeping and effective communication in our handling of requests for information.
  • Research England branding
    These guidelines are intended for anyone designing or working with Research England’s corporate identity.
  • Reporting fraud
    If you wish to raise any concerns or report suspected cases of fraud please contact the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Fraud Team. For full details please see the UKRI Counter Fraud and Bribery Policy (PDF, 494KB).
  • Amendments to data
    Research England uses many different sets of data submitted by higher education institutions, for a variety of purposes. A joint OfS and Research England Data amendment panel assess whether errors should be corrected if any are found in this data. The process is detailed on the OfS website.