Research England brand guidelines

These guidelines are intended for anyone designing or working with Research England’s corporate identity.

Correct and consistent use of Research England branding across all of our corporate literature and materials is essential to build recognition and familiarity with our identity.

These guidelines will help you use that identity correctly. Research England-funded investments must display our logo on any promotional and corporate material including publications, reports, presentations, websites and stationery.

Professional designers working on corporate materials relating to Research England-funded investments should also use these guidelines.


Research England Logo


Logo size

Using the correct  size of logo will help to give it maximum impact. The Research England logo must not be altered, stretched or squashed in any way.

To ensure  maximum impact and clarity the Research England logo should be used at its preferred  size for the publication format.

Logo downloads

Below are the Research England master logos available to download. These should be used in conjunction with the Research England brand guidelines.

There are three logo formats available for you to use in different media and it is important to use the right one:


For professional printing (either litho or digital). This is only for use with publishing software such as Adobe® Illustrator, InDesign or QuarkXPress®. If you don’t have this software, you won’t be able to open the files, but you can send them on to a designer.


For low-resolution printing eg. from an office printer.


Are suitable for use on websites and Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. You do not need specialist software to use these.


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