Funding streams

Our funding supports the higher education provider sector at the 'whole institution' level.

Over 90% of our funding is awarded to providers in a single annual grant. This is based on performance in research or knowledge exchange (KE).

How do you administer funding?

We use formulaic and non-formulaic methods to divide money between providers. The majority of our funds are allocated using formulae that take into account certain factors for each institution. This may include:

  • the number of eligible academic staff

  • the amount and quality of research undertaken

  • the amount of research and KE income received.

How do you assess performance?

Performance is assessed through the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and other mechanisms.

How can the funding be used?

Funding can be used to support the research and knowledge exchange missions of universities.

We also run a small number of funding schemes requiring HEPs to apply for funding. Each funding scheme has its own terms and conditions and application process. Details can be found in the Our funds section.

Check out the Funding FAQs.

Quality-related research (QR) case studies