Our funds - overview

Here is an overview of the funds for research and KE which we administer at Research England.

Our funding supports research and knowledge exchange (KE) activities in higher education providers (HEPs).

Our core funding is allocated each year using formulae. We notify providers annually how much formula-based funding they will receive for the coming academic year (1 August to 31 July).

Some of our funding is allocated on the basis of successful applications to funding schemes that are time-limited. These funding schemes are announced at various times of the year, and are earmarked for specific purposes. Sign up to our newsletter to keep informed of new funding opportunities.

The remainder of our allocations are for national facilities and initiatives to support the development of national infrastructure.

RED Fund

Research and KE

Capital, research and KE projects

Open to applications

Expanding Excellence In England Fund


Research Units

UK Research Partnership Investment Fund


Capital funding

Research Capital Investment Fund


Capital funding

International Investment Initiative Fund


International collaboration

Connecting Capability Fund


Research commercialisation


Museums, Galleries and Collections Fund


Infrastructure funding


Global Challenges Research Fund


Supporting developing countries


QR Strategic Priorities Fund


Research evidence for policy