Promoting the internet of things via collaborations between HEIs & industry (Pitch-In)


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Lead higher education institution (HEI): The University of Sheffield
Higher education (HE) partners: The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and Newcastle University

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in objects about our person, in our homes, factories, hospitals, buildings, cities and environment, enabling them to send and receive data, and to collaborate with other Internet enabled computing to provide a host of applications and services. It is estimated that we will have more than 50 billion connected elements online within the next decade, and that the IoT will bolster the UK economy by £81 billion and bring 67,000 jobs to the UK by 2021. IoT supports many ‘smart’ infrastructures and lies at the heart of industrial digitisation efforts to achieve greater productivity; the UK Government’s MadeSmarter review identifies many such opportunities for increased productivity via digitisation.

The Pitch-In (Promoting the Internet of Things via Collaboration between Higher education institutions (HEIs) and Industry) project will extract benefit for the UK from IoT technologies and expertise via wide-ranging collaboration between academic institutions and the public and private sectors. It will investigate barriers to exploitation of the Internet of Things (IoT), trial solutions, capture Knowledge Exchange good practice learning outcomes, and disseminate guidance regionally, nationally and globally. In four priority sectors (manufacturing, energy, cities, and health and social care) it will build sustainable ecosystems to fuel effective IoT innovation. An overarching theme, Managing the Introduction of IoT, will consider the challenges of introducing IoT across communities, businesses and industry sectors.


Pitch-In workshop

Workshop for industry and academics to review and share best practices when handling IoT data
(Credit: Pitch-In)