SETsquared scale-up programme


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Lead higher education institution (HEI): University of Bath
Higher education (HE) partners: Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey
CCF follow on funding award: £3,300,000

This project tackles the challenges faced by SMEs that grow through innovation. The Programme pools the resources of partner universities to develop new, high-profile research commercialisation projects with SMEs in key sectors including Health & Wellbeing, Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing, Sustainable Technologies, Marine & Maritime and Digital Innovation.

The SME members of the Scale-Up Programme are helped to develop scalable business models that leverage university research commercialisation. Help includes identification of the innovation gap, introductions to the best research talent often from multiple universities and expert assistance in securing the private and public co-investment to finance the innovation roadmap. Participants in the Programme are a high-profile network of like-minded business leaders, prominent researchers and specialist investors who create new opportunities for research commercialisation.

In its next phase of development, the Scale-Up Programme will deliver two important new initiatives. Firstly, it will extend the Programme’s benefits to newly emerging spinouts from the partner universities through the Executives into Business initiative, in partnership with the Northern Accelerator, which places experienced business leaders at the head of the new ventures to help them grow through innovation. Secondly, it will launch a venture capital fund that will invest in the opportunities that are developed by the Programme.