SETsquared scale-up programme


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Lead higher education institution (HEI): University of Bath
Higher education (HE) partners: Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey

This project is tackling the challenge of scaling-up small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to innovate and grow, focused on key market sectors and enabling partnerships. The project will enable the existing ‘SETsquared Partnership’ to lead and develop new types of high profile research commercialisation focused on pooling the resources of five research-intensive universities. This will expand on the Partnership’s previous 16 years of focus on supporting start-up companies through a step-change to supporting SME innovation and productivity gains. The project intends to bring the university partners closer together to support SMEs productivity gains, directed at key sectors of Health & Wellbeing, Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing, Sustainable Technologies, Marine & Maritime, and Digital Innovation.

A key objective for the SETsquared Scale-Up Programme is not only to develop and refine best practice in sector-led innovation support for SMEs, but also to build a scalable model that could be deployed by other UK HEIs. An early example of this has been Cardiff University joining the Programme to open the opportunity and resources it provides to more innovation-led SMEs in its region and networks.