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Led HEI: University of Oxford

HEI partners: University of Birmingham, University of Dundee and Francis Crick Institute

CCF follow on funding award: £1,640,000

UKSPINE is the first UK-wide drug discovery network focused on treating the underlying diseases of ageing – the intersection of basic ageing biology, chronic disease and health. Operating across Universities, Catapults and biomedical research infrastructure, with our six hubs forming a ‘spine’ connecting the length of the UK’s geography. This incorporates the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU)(Scotland), Medicines Discovery Catapult (North West), University of Birmingham (West Midlands), University of Oxford (South East), and the Francis Crick Institute (London) and the Open Targets Consortium (part of EBML-EBI, Wellcome Sanger Centre, Cambridge)

We are working with over 50 HEIs, businesses, charities and patient groups to create a strong geroscience KE environment. Our relationships with investors, businesses and the NHS enables us to use our results, and create the conditions that will deliver these into new medicines, jobs and accelerated clinical adoption. Most importantly, our efforts with a widening range of stakeholders will ensure these new medicines will be safe, effective and affordable. 

UKSPINE+ are focusing on four major themes:

1. Developing methods for investment for these new potential medicines, ensuring they reach the patient

2. Growing the research talent pipeline in the UK

3. Building strong foundations for geroscience sector

4. Strengthening international collaboration