Accelerated funding announced to support institutions

Accelerated funding announced to support institutions

Science Minister Amanda Solloway has today announced that Research England will bring forward £100 million of Quality-related Research (QR) funding to eligible institutions. This accelerated funding in 2019-20 (AY) is in acknowledgement of the immediate pressures being faced by our institutions.

Universities have a critical role in protecting the current and future research system.  This funding will provide an opportunity for universities to develop robust evidence to take challenging decisions in the academic year.

Research England Executive Chair, David Sweeney, said: “Accelerating this funding recognises an immediate need and the shared responsibility between government, funders and universities in supporting national economic and societal recovery. 

“The HE package announced today builds on some detailed proposals recently from UUK. English universities will want to similarly develop more detailed proposals to build an efficient, effective and sustainable research and development system and Research England looks forward to working with them and the Government to achieve that end.”

The £100 million will be distributed to institutions eligible to receive funding from Research England in proportion to their 2019-20 Quality-related Research (QR) funds, excluding the element relating to the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Institutions will be contacted directly.