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Annual funding allocations 2018-19

08-Feb-2018 - relating to the 2018 19 allocations

Circular letter

22-Mar-2019 -   A total of £16 3 million will be distributed to HEIs in proportion to their 2018 19 Quality related Research QR funds excluding the

Annual funding allocations 2019-20

26-Jul-2019 - funding for 2018 19 is available in Annual funding allocations 2018 19

Circular letter

12-Apr-2018 - be increased in 2018 19

Research England institution-level allocations announcement for 2018-19

15-May-2018 - publication “Guide to Research and Knowledge Exchange Funding 2018 19” can be found here Institutional allocations and technical guidance

Circular Letter

02-Jul-2019 - For the 2019 20 allocations the funding level is flat compared to 2018 19

Research England to invest £2bn into universities in 2018-19

12-Apr-2018 - Allocations for individual institutions will be announced in early May 2018

Global Challenges Research Fund

09-May-2018 - Funding allocations 2017 18 Download the 2018 19 QR GCRF Allocation as an Excel Spreadsheet Monitoring To support

2017-18 Uses of individualised student data overview

31-Jul-2018 - 19 data checking tools publication hosted on the Office for Students website Quality related research QR research degree programme RDP supervision

How to write a brilliant Global Challenges Research Fund GCRF strategy

29-Nov-2018 - QR  funding in the 2018 19 academic year