Circular Letter: Notice of Accelerated Quality-related Research (QR) Funding - Confirmation of Allocation

13 May 2020

Dear Vice-Chancellor or Principal

  1. Research England has brought forward £100m of Quality-related research (QR) funding to eligible higher education institutions (HEIs) for the academic year 2019-20
  2. This accelerated payment will be distributed to institutions eligible to receive funding from Research England in proportion to their 2019-20 Quality-related Research (QR) funds, excluding the element relating to the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
  3. Allocations will be paid in May 2020 (full details can be found in Annex A)
  4. This accelerated payment is to be spent on activities eligible for QR funding
  5. The same Terms and Conditions as those applied to QR funding apply; no new conditions have been introduced, including no specifications on the timescale for when the funding must be spent.

Yours sincerely


David Sweeney

Executive Chair