Circular Letter - Notice of Additional Funding

1 April 2020

Notice of additional funding

Dear Vice-Chancellor or Principal

  1. Research England has allocated additional capital funding to eligible higher education institutions (HEIs) for 2019-20.
  2. The funding has been distributed to HEIs in proportion to their original 2019-20 formula-based research capital allocations Research Capital Investment Fund (RCIF) and should be used in line with the usual guidance on this funding. 
  3. A total of £10 million has been distributed to those eligible HEIs, with allocations paid in March 2020 (detailed in Annex A). 
  4. This is an allocation for 2019-20 only.  The total amount of future allocations will depend on outcomes from the Spending Review. 

Yours sincerely


David Sweeney

Executive Chair