Real Time REF Review Pilot Study

The Real Time REF Review (RTRR) Pilot Study has been jointly commissioned and developed by Cardiff University, The University of Sheffield and Research England. This six month pilot study examines the perceptions and attitudes of academics concerning the REF.

The pilot study took place in four UK Higher Education Institutions and comprised of two phases of data collection

  1. Phase 1 consisted of a survey study intended to understand the perceptions and experiences of research-active academics within the four universities.
  2. Phase 2 consisted of semi-structured interviews with individuals who play an active role in REF management within the four universities.

The successful delivery of the pilot study demonstrates the feasibility of the methods used in the evaluation of the REF and provides provisional insight into the attitudes and perspectives of those that participated in the study. These findings will be used to inform future REF evaluation.

The findings outlined in this executive summary, are drawn from a working paper published here.