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Research England

Research England is a new council within UK Research and Innovation. We oversee UK Research and Innovation’s England-only functions in relation to university research and knowledge exchange. This includes providing grant funding to English universities for research and knowledge exchange activities; developing and implementing the Research Excellence Framework in partnership with the UK Higher Education funding bodies; overseeing the sustainability of the Higher Education research base in England; managing the £900 million UK Research Partnership Investment Fund; and administering the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).


£10m to alleviate research institution charity funding shortfall

26 January 2021

£10m to alleviate research institution charity funding shortfall

Three leading research institutions hit by a loss of charity funding as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will receive £10 million in additional funding.

£213m to upgrade the UK’s world-class research infrastructure

06 January 2021

£213m to upgrade the UK’s world-class research infrastructure

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is investing £213 million to expand and upgrade existing research infrastructure. The funding will help UK researchers tackle major challenges such as COVID-19 research and recovery, and net zero goals.


Following a recent request for HEIs to supply a principal point of contact (and alternative in case of absence) through whom requests for information and updates relating to research and knowledge exchange matters relevant to the COVID-19 outbreak can be addressed, Research England has begun making contact with HEIs informing them of updates and changes to funding programmes as a result of COVID-19, either directly or through established channels. If you have any queries not covered in these communications, please contact the relevant address below:

For all other funding queries please contact