The Council

Research England is governed and supported by a Council of leading experts, helping to shape our strategy and overall approach.

The role of the Council is to:

  • Support the Executive Chair in ensuring the successful operation of Research England, including setting priorities and activities in line with UKRI's overall strategy, and considering key risks.
  • Provide expert advice on the development of Research England's strategic delivery plan. To monitor, review progress and act as a critical friend.
  • Provide strategic advice to UKRI on the research and knowledge exchange system of relevance to Research England.
  • Act as ambassadors and advocates for UKRI and Research England.

Council members

A Register of Interests (PDF) of the Council members is available.

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Council meetings

Meetings in 2021

Meeting in 2022

  • Thursday 3 February 2022
  • Thursday 28 April 2022
  • Thursday 7 July 2022
  • Thursday 29 September 2022
  • Thursday 24 November 2022