Research Capital Investment Fund

Capital investment is critical in underpinning high-quality research, enabling sustainable development of University infrastructure and growing research capacity and capability.

Research England allocates funds through the Research Capital Investment Fund (RCIF).

RCIF aims to:

  • Contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of an HEP’s research and the supporting physical infrastructure
  • Contribute to replacement of premises or infrastructure, improved space utilisation, and increased sharing and utilisation of research equipment
  • Promote collaborative partnerships between HEPs, industry, charities, Government and NHS Trusts
  • Promote world-leading research capability in all disciplines with the capacity to respond to developing national priorities.

For the financial year 2019-20 Research England are distributing £183 million for formula-based research capital. This fund comprises of two elements:

  • HEI Research Capital England
  • Higher Education Research Capital (HERC) England

HEI Research Capital England

This element is distributed in proportion to the sum of Research England quality-related (QR) research funding and research income from other (non-Research Council) sources.

Higher Education Research Capital (HERC) England

This element is distributed in proportion to research income from Research Councils, reflecting finance data for the most recent three years.

More information about formula capital allocation may be found here.

UKRI World Class Laboratories Fund

In 2020 UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) invested £88 million to modernise research laboratories and expand our world-leading facilities to equip scientists working on research challenges such as climate change and COVID-19. More information on this funding can be found here.