Northern Gritstone University Partnership

Northern Gritstone University Partnership

Lead HEI: University of Manchester

HE Partners: University of Sheffield, University of Leeds

CCF follow on funding award: £2,000,000

The Northern Triangle Initiative (NTI) is a collaboration between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester.  The purpose of NTI is to build investor confidence through the creation of a pipeline of intellectual property rich projects that clearly demonstrate the scale and quality of spinout company opportunities arising from the partner universities. This has provided the foundation for the creation and launch of a new investment vehicle that can accelerate early-stage investment in to new high-value businesses.

The NTI project encourages collaboration, supports the partners to share and adopt best commercialisation practises and provides funding for the development of IP pipeline projects.  To date we have supported 25 proof-of-principle projects, resulting in the establishment of 15 new spinout companies that have subsequently raised investment.

A unique investment company, Northern Gritstone Ltd (NG), was established in April 2021 through a fifteen-year framework agreement with the partner universities that provides NG with preferred access for first investment into new spinout companies.

The NTI project has been awarded a further £2 million from Research England to continue supporting nascent IP-spinout businesses from the three partner universities and to continue developing shared practices that enhance the universities effectiveness and productivity of IP commercialisation.