South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN)


SWCTN logo

Lead higher education institution (HEI): University of the West of England
HEI partners: Bath Spa University, Falmouth University, and University of Plymouth
Other partners: Watershed and Kaleider

The collaboration will invest in interdisciplinary R&D fellowships and prototype production across three challenge areas: Immersion, Automation and Data. Our focus on creative technology brings together arts, design, computer sciences, engineering and business development to deliver new products and services.

The project will develop a new, networked model of Knowledge Exchange for creative technologies’ innovation. It will do this by harnessing the expertise in creative businesses and universities across the SW region to deliver a series of interdisciplinary R&D programmes.  The project aims to increase productivity by fostering connectivity between diverse partners, people and projects.

A key focus will be to facilitate in-roads for creative technology and creative practices into other sectors. Together, we will produce commercial and social impacts across the challenge areas in a range of sectors including the Creative Industries, Health, and Manufacturing.