The Bloomsbury SET

Connecting capability to combat the threat from infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance



(Credit: Poppy Berdoy-Webster)

Lead higher education institution (HEI): The Royal Veterinary College
Higher education (HE) partners: London School of Economics and Political Science, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, SOAS University of London

This project is focused on development of low-cost, portable diagnostic tools, vaccines and improved mathematical models to counter infectious diseases and increasing resistance to antimicrobials. The Bloomsbury SET (Science, Economics, Technology) will connect place, people, businesses, ideas and infrastructures in pursuit of innovative scientific / technical solutions that will help safeguard human health. At the same time, the project will use the consortium’s convening power to test whether proposed public health interventions are acceptable socially, economically and politically - the factors which determine their success in the real world. This will facilitate innovation within UK and other partner businesses, whilst also helping to shape public health policies and practices.